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How to find out if my whatsapp account is permanently suspended

The deactivation of the service can happen both to WhatsApp users with an iPhone or those with a terminal with Android or Windows Phone. All accounts can be suspended regardless of the device used.

If you are sure that you have not violated the WhatsApp terms of use, the thing to do is on the one hand make sure that you are using the official WhatsApp application on iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

If you were not using WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp or other similar non-official WhatsApp applications and you still have the suspended WhatsApp account, the solution is to:contact WhatsApp and send them an email to indicating:

Update: as you can see in the comments through Ana, it is confirmed that despite violating the rules and that they suspend the account (for a few months) if you insist sending mails, they end up returning it if you prove good faith. Thanks for the testimony

Here I include a video of a report of La Sexta Noticias of November 10, 2014 and its news about WhatsApp by Beatriz Correal that deals with this issue and in which we appear, both Ana, located through this blog and me:

You are suspended on whatsapp. contact technical support for help.

WhatsApp, unlike Telegram or Signal, is not an open source application. If you want to use WhatsApp, you have to use the official WhatsApp app, otherwise you will be violating their terms and conditions of use. The messaging app is clear about this on its website, and seems to have started to take action by temporarily blocking GB WhatsApp users.

This is reported by WaBetaInfo on its Telegram channel, where it has published some tweets from affected users, as well as some users in the GB WhatsApp thread on XDA. On both sites they report having been temporarily banned, bans whose duration doubles the more the application is used.

According to comments from affected users, the first temporary ban is 20 minutes. When it happens, a red circle appears showing the remaining time and a notice stating that «you are temporarily banned from WhatsApp for violating the terms of service».

When the time passes, GB WhatsApp and other mods can be used normally again, although that means being exposed to another ban that, yes, will last twice as long: first 20 minutes, then 40 minutes, 80, 160, 320 and so on, until the definitive ban arrives.

How to recover my suspended whatsapp account 2022

Applications may not be as complete as we would like them to be, especially those for everyday use such as instant messaging. Yes, we may want a WhatsApp with more features than we find available today and developers know that well.

In the app stores we find many third-party applications that become (or promise to become) the perfect complement to WhatsApp, but before venturing to install them, we must be clear that this carries some risks and that we may even lose our account forever.

As we say, there are many applications that promise to give us a much more complete experience with WhatsApp than the application itself gives us. Recently it has become fashionable Scheduler fot Whatsapp, an application that allows us to schedule messages to be sent at a specific time and date.

But using applications like this can bring us problems, because in many cases they violate the Terms of Service established by the official app (and this specifically is one of those cases). A clear example of an application that breached these terms and that resulted in a massive banning of users who used it is WhatsApp Plus.

Whatsapp Support

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